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Post  Admin on Sun Oct 10, 2010 1:35 am

Rolego woke up and then saw that Alana and Regina were awake and looking at him with smiles. Rolego felt nothing….he felt like nothing…..

The girls saw and felt his sorrow and went to his head....they both held his head.....he felt nothing still.... he pulled away...he was deeply depressed...he was also thinking

I threatened them....i said i would kill them...destroy them....i cant go on the same like this.

Malty walked in right as Rolgo finished his thought, he was reading his mind agian.....Malty quickly went in and slugged Rolego across the face. Roelgo stayed the same....there was no change in the expression of his face...

"WAKE UP!!!WAKE UP ROLEGO!!!Its over now......its in the past...."

Rolego looked at Malty with a very stern look...Malty never saw this look before....
"You know so little..."

Rolego took his tail and moved Alana and Regina to Malty's side..

"Listen...I-I have not been fully hounest about me..." Rolego hung his head, scared and ashamed.

"Growing up....i had no one besides my parents and the butterfly and birds who drop in my home...I was never accepted because of this demon that lives inside me....I had nothing but my family gave me everything i needed to survive....I was called half-breed...demons shell....a fallen....I was depressed and confused my entire parents brought me through my troubles....."Rolego swallowed hard. He began to shake.

"I was following a butterfly.....It was a monarch....big enough to cover my entire face with its was the only this close to a friend i was there when i woke up every morning it followed me everywhere.

Rolego then suddenly stopped to see Chrystal, the staff, and half of its coustomers....listening...Rolego stopped all together....he did not make a sound...then Alana and Regina moved to his side....they both sat and gave small smiles and kind Rolegos composure back.

"ummmm well i went into the lead me there.....I knew to never journey into the woods...but i was not more than 50 yards from the pack....then....then...."He was shaking even more.....he hung his ears....,"i was attacked by one of the bears.....It slammed me against a tree....the butterfly went up and went back to the pack. The bear tore into my side...," Rolego turned and pulled the fur up on his side.....a huge and still healin scar sat on bled.

"I clawed it eye and began to limp back to the pack...they followed my blood trail back to my home...The bear was the same bear i told you before....there were 35....they came in where the pups were playing...then....then..."

Rolego was makeing the floor shake..."they began to eat....2 of the 4........then they stopped to agian follow my trial of blood...I went back to my cove as my parents saw me and put me in the back of the father stood in front of mother next to him....they held them off...for 15 seconds.....they were thrown around like ragdolls.....then they both were thrown apon each other.....they werent dead but they were about to be killed.....then...then....i let Hellfire out......i could still vision turned to a blood red color...then my body bones skin began to tear.......I-I killed all....and more.....I did save my family and the pack....but...i was covered with blood....none of it mine...."

"I laughed and scoffed at the bears....many you could not tell what they were.....they were scattered......with me in the middle....I then snapped out of the trance andknowing what i did I sat down and did not move for 6 days....No one absolutly no one came except for the butterfly and my mom and dad.....I left the pack the 7th day...I left only telliing my parents....they let me...they were very reluctant...but i left......the same day i met a group of druids and mages like me...i was the only-only.....morpher...I am the only morpher....I am alone....."

Rolego then laid down and buried his nose in his paw......his eyes were full of the pain and sorrow he had kept in for almost 30,000 years...he moved himself from the room....he went to the one place he felt at least a little better about himself.........the hill outside.....behind the inn....he sat down and overlooked the town....he did not move.....the tears he had were carried away by the wind....leaving a trail of sparkels through the sky....

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Post  Admin on Sun Oct 10, 2010 1:49 am

The entire room stayed silent.....there was not a one breathed.....they never would have thought a good person would go through that and still live a selfless lifestyle....and bringing happiness to all..despite the pain he felt every night...throughout his life...

"Oh my gosh........I cant believe i never knew..."Malty was the one who took it the hardest....he knew Rolego...knew him like a brother...but now....he never knew a thing about him.....Malty hung his head....he was dripping with were the rest of the room.....but no one made a nosie.....

drip...drip..drip......the tears sounded like never stopped

Alana,Chrystal,and Regina all sat down together....their hair cloacking their eyes....their faces were black.....Alana's fur once was bright and became damp....Then all of a sudden....

"I will go a million miles and back, i will take a million bullets....just to bring you home.." Regina was the first to speak....she was reapting what Rolego said to her..."We are your family as well as ours....we are one....we will hold your hand and walk you through you hard and easy times..i will carry any i can make you one deserves to be alone....," Regina smiled and got up and began to walk outside.....Alana and Chrystal then went, then Malty...then the entire staff....then the rest of group....went to go see Rolego...thier gaurdian...thier protecting angel....Rolego.

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Rolego still thought about his future at the Inn...he still sat alone...the sun was setting and his teras shined ever stars falling doen to the earth...Then he heard a voice....


Rolego whipped around to see everyone....EVERYONE....smiling at him....

Rolego sat in total disbelif....Malty moved to him..."So? who cares.....we know have done amazing things to keep this family would do anything for are a father,son,brother,teacher,uncle, and many more to tell us to call on you when you need help....never once have you complained....why dont you ask us for our help.........we are here..."

Rolego held his head down.."Malty ...i have done something unforgiveable.....i cant-"
" did nothing....yes the demon did kill....but you did are still Rolego...demon form or are our family...what else do you need more..."

Rolego looked up an Malty placed his forehead to when Rolego gotten hurt not so long ago....He was later joined by Regina and Alana....they both took hold of him....then Chrystal...then the staff...then all of the rest..Rolego was happy...he just did not know how to show it. He began to cry but still made no sound....and Alana agian sang the same song she sang to calm him down at the bath....

" have done so much for me....and I have only been here for four days. I could not ask for a better brother, You have done so much for let us help you...."

Rolego then and a flashback...

He was playing in the far ends of the fields...tall grass and they all were covered in beautiful to a chrystal clear lake......his mother and father were with him....they played and played like there was no tomorrow....he still remembered...this forgotten memory..

He came back to see Alana holding his face directly in front of hers he cried and whined like a pup...then....Rolego finally smiled....and Regina and Alana both gave him a moster bear hug....Malty was also in on it....Chrystal sat back and smiled she was so happy she fell to her knees and sat on her heels....she just sat and stared.... She closed and turned to see the staff all doing the same...she turned back to see Rolego sitting in front of her...She took his head and held her head on his muzzel..

"Thank you....." Chrystal held him closer she did not want this moment to end...she was joind by Alana,Regina,and Malty.....Rolego...was whole agian...

"Love you guys....I could not have made it here without you....sorry it took me so long to find that out."
"Dont say sorry...we are happy to see that you wont leave us....and to see that you are no longer hurting..."

They all agian huddled together..again....they all felt like could tear them apart.....nothing at all..

Thank you alll....


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The next 2 days came and Malty and the group waited for Rolego to awaken. Eventually he did and turned to see Pasta Sauce in a bowl...

Rolego fgited..."PASTA SAUCE!!!!" They immeditly jcast a spell than held him down...He was confused..."WHa- Whats going on..."

The group moved in front of him...and all of them sat down with a concerned looks...Rolego knew what they were thinking about.

"Alana wanted to say something to you....its pretty important..." Malty and the rest of the group besides Regina left the room.

The spell then wore off and Rolego was free to move....Regina held the sauce in her hands.....Rolego sat down in attention....

"Rolego...what did we do to make you react the way you did...."Rolego stepped back and sighed.

"I do not know....i dont know...this happened for the first time in so long...i guess it was a wierd moment..."

Regina and Alana looked at each other....then thay looked at Rolego..."Rolego, we wanted say we are sorry."

Rolego tilted his head,"Why? You did not do anything..."

"No we didnt...thats why we are saying sorry...we never knew about you life....we did not know the pain you went through...we dont have a second self....we dont know you as much as we knew you."

"what do you mean...?"

Alana spoke..."We just did now know....we didnt know..." she sniffed a little...

"No no please dont cry..." Rolego walked up to Alana and Regina..."There is now nothing to cry about now..."

"Yes there is.." Alana grew worse...." held us depite your never asked for anything in return!!! Why..."

"Because....your here." The both of them looked up to see Rolego like a big brother....more of a big brother...

"I dont like i dont like my past.....I was scared to tell you..."
"Why? Why were you scared..."
"I thought you would not love me anymore...."
"Why would you say that...."Regina is now upset..
"We are here and alive because of you....even if we just worked here...we would do anything in our power to help are carrying all of our burdens and not getting rewarded...."She walked to Rolego with the bowl.

Rolego smiled and pushed it away..."I am everyday....To see your faces happy and filled with joy...I cant ask for anything more." He then hugged Regina...the same way like he did when he first found her. He then dragged Alana to him...doing it to both of them....they hugging him back.

"Promise us....dont let yourself be sad......and dont leave...or get hurt...we have shown that we could not operate without you or Malty being their....Promise...please.."

Rolego gave a smile and a nod."I Promise..."

They then hugged him harder and left they left the bowl on the ground. Rolego then drank the bowl...but not as monsteroulsy....he acted civil.

He left the room just to be tackled by the girls and dragged to the bathroom..."NOOOOOO!!! I HAD ONE YESTERDAY!!!"

"We know..."


Regina and Alana bith luaghed very loudly...and relased him....They then walked up and jumped on his back...well Alana did...she was felling his fur....It was even more soft..than before....Then Regina directed him to her room..She then gave him a long hug..

"You better keep your promise..."


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Rolego looked up at Regina," This is one i will keep...Im sorry agian for not telling you sooner..especialy you Regina...and yes you to Alana. You were only here for four days and you have seen alot."

Alana and Regina looked at him with happy and bright eyes.

"Its not a had us scared...I just dont like being in that position." Alana gave a small shiver at that....but cheered up agian.

"So what was supposed to happen today? Malty is usually the one who wakes me up." Rolego looked at the two of them...they looked like they did not know either.

"OH!" Alana hit her hands together. "There was supposed to be a very special event today."

"Oh really what day i-" Rolego's heart went to his throut when he saw the calander July 2....Ular day...dress your pet day....

He turned around to see Malty wearing the most ridiculous thing ever...he wore a sweater it had words..."NeighborHood STAR!!"

"BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!" Rolego was on the floor laughing..but then he remebered last year...Malty chose first last year....Rolego got the short end of the stick of wearing a tutu...Malty wore a big grin..."Oh you should see yours..Alana clapped her hands together and squealed a little and ran to her room..She came back with feline looking costume...complete with cat ears...

"...there is no way.."
"Oh come on..pleeease..?"
"A dog...."
"A cat costume...with ears..?"
"Yes,we'll help put it on."
"Oh the He- what..what the!? MALTY!!!!??" Rolego agian was put in a seal...but Chrystal made the seal.

"Sorry Rolego, you are not getting off this cannot fight." Regina was waving he fingure and putting it it on his nose and in his face.

"But-But..But I....Fine lets get it over with..." Alana jumped up and down and ran back with a leash.
"Sorry Rolego we can let you run agian." Alana gave a very braty smile back at Rolego.
Rolego gave the most annoyed face ever.

When he was in the costume he looked like a a cat reading water....terrible..but everyone awed and began to pester him with meows and hisses.

"........why...?"Rolego looked at the ceiling with the same look.
"Well look at fline dont look so happy." Malty was getting a kick out of this. He was laughing and hissing at Rolego whenever he growled at him.

"Come on lets go..." Alana was up and peppy. She let Rolego lead on the leash, she did not pull or anything..but she felt all powerful for getting Rolego on a leash...Rolego looked miserable.Then he and the gang went out to the streets.

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Post  Admin on Tue Oct 12, 2010 1:47 am

Malty and Rolego both burst threw the door at the same time. Chrystal was so shock by the blast she dropped a whole bucket of the Pasta Sauce Roelgo loves so much....the entire room accept for Chrystal, Regina, and Alana...were behind something even Malty ducked for cover behind a table.

Then Rolego looked at the three he then moved to them and sniffed the air around them...

"...........pasta sauce.....PASTA SAUCE!!!!" All three screamed as they were being tackled. Then Rolego was about to go to town but then he stopped..he then went to the bathroom and turned on the water. He then came back with the hose for the bath and sat in front of them,he pinted the nossel at them.


He let the full foce of the water blast out of the blew the girls acrss the room...they were begging for mercy."ACK NO STOOOOOOOP!!!!ROLEGO PLEEEASE!!! I AM WEARING A BRIGHT COLORD SHIRT!!!!! ACK!!!!"

Rolego stopped as Alana said what shirt she and Regina were whereing. He and Malty jumped in front of them and they ducked behind them. Chrystal did the same..."Oh you guys are so dead when i get dry close..."Regina and Alana were pissed...Chrystal was laughing. Rolego and Malty were to hyper to care!

They all moved at once all the way their rooms and Alana took Rolego into her room. Regina did the same to Malty. The to wolves held thier eyes shut.

"Can i please leave Alana!? This is frigging weird!!!" Rolego was getting uncomfortable. Alana was changing her clothes. Rolego turned his back...well tried to, he hit his face on the wall. He kept his eyes close though.

Malty was hyper as all get out!!
"Can I go please!!!!!?? PLEEEEEAASSEE!!!!?" Malty had his eyes closed as well but he really wanted to leave, But after 30 seconds....he and Rolego...crashed.

They both K.O.ed on the ground...they were not gonna get up. and their costumes ket them warm. Despite it was 12:00 in the after noon.

Alana and Regina did not know they did..."Rolego sorry about the coffee shop thing....." Rolego did not answer.
"Malty the coffee thing was a joke ok so can you forgive me?" Malty did not answer.

The girls in their rooms both turned aorund to see them past out on the ground. They both laughed and then yawned them selves. They both fell on both Malty and Rolego with thier new clothes.

Malty and Rolego then opened their eyes and began move the girls into oneo f the inn rooms. The guys put the girls togther. The girls did the rest. Rolego and Malty just watched.
The girls actully were very close, it was about 20 minutes, then they both woke up at the same time to scream so very loud. Malty and Rolego were out of the door and running for thier room. Regina and Alana....leaving smoke in their path.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM DOING!!??" They made it to the room and shut and locked the door they both laughed and gave each other a high paw. They were moving towards their beds and then......they stopped moving..they heard the doorknob jiggle..

"did Regina ever give Chrystal back the master key?"
they slowly turned to see Alana and Regina staring down at them.


They braced for the rendering beating. But they looked up to see both Regina and Alana whereing really thick lipstick...

Malty was scared stuff he had a quiver in his voice.."Yeah dude?"
"Stay strong....Malty..?" Malty was already being handled by both Regina and Alana Malty simply closed his eyes and suffred the wrath of to angered girls who knew his weakness.

"Ohhhhcomeon Malty whats yoou not like us any more?" Malty opened his eyes just to be covered by kiised,spit,and lipstick. Malty was down and out.

Rolego's hair stood on end and looked at the door witch was shut. He began to motion towards the door. He then had Regina's fingure on his nose...Rolego quickly back up and he tripped and fell backward on Alana's lap.

He was being held tightly....."Ok Rolego you have two morph into a cute creature the i can hold..or.." Regina pointed at Malty.

"Ill take one yeah ones good." Rolego was scared out of his wits. He then closed his eyes and concentrated.

Malty's Inn - Page 3 Cute20manga20puppy

Rolego's voice then changed to what he was...a pup. "Ok ummm could you let me down please." Then he smiled....he shouldent have done that..

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Regina and Alana both then squealed and began to jump. Rolego did not like this at all...." you."

"Oh my gosh you are so cute!!" Regina picked him up and the touched noses with his. He i so vulnerable now. Then Alana took him back and began to give him the longest, and loudest kiss ever!!! Rolego gasped for air after it was over.

Then Regina took him and held him onto her chest. Roleog tried to not come in contact with the 2 moons.

"Regina it is getting wierd!!!" She then notices why laughs and sets Rolego down on the ground...he locked like a cat out of water..

"Ok can i go now?" Rolego was then picked up by Alana and held...pretty hard on her chest. "Stop It with the holding and jumping AGAGAGAHGHHHH!!!" Then he heard the door lock. He turned his head to Regina brush her hands together like she was going to do something else.

"But you gave me two options.....this is not fair...THIS IS CHEATING!!!" He did not sound threatening at all with his new voice. This just made the girls like him more.

"Please dont I am just a little boy." He then was let on the bed. He did not know what they were going to do. Alana then ran off and came back...with her doll clothes....its still the same day.

"NO!!!1NO NONO NONONONONONONONOONONONONO!!!!!!! I wont do it! You only said two,TWO!!! options!!"
"Yeah but we got to do this..I am sorry but you are sooo cuute we have toooooo. Please?
They gave him the cute and undeniable cat look. <3
Seing that their trick wont work...they used their other card...the only card a girl can play...flirt card.

"Awwwe look at him" Alana took her finger and scratched the underside of Rolego's chin..this made his leg thump.

"He looks good enough to eat" Then Rolego stepped back and fell of the him felt like a 10 foot drop.

He got up and ran to the bathroom. With all his strength shuts the door and uses magic to lock the door. He was scared he did not want to be eaten by girls...he had no have dinner yet...then he had an idea.. he morphed agian into a girls guys.

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Post  Admin on Tue Oct 12, 2010 2:44 am

Regina was at the door making fun of Rolego and Rolego was already in the place waned to be.

"Awwwww why do you lock the doors? Come on unlock it...if not ill run in myself...1....2........3 ready or not."
Both Regina and Alana ran inside and ran into Rolego...but they ran into someone very diffrent the both looked up...and both turned beat red...

Malty's Inn - Page 3 Do_the_fandango

"Hello..." The 2 girls still did not say anything. Then Regina smiled and so did Alana.
"I guess i chose option two what about you Alana."
"woah woah woah...dont get out of hand here...heh...umm guys.." Rolego was in the worst place.

2 girls
morphed into guy form



Rolego jumped above the duo and ran to the room door to be tackled by Alana and his head held by Regina. "Ok once agian 2 options Your ture form or the form you are in now."

Rolego morphed back into his ture form and then began to pant.....this takes alot of energy to do.

"Hah...phew...not now huh.,right..." Nope.

They kissed him to the point he was being dragged back inside the room.

"Chrystal!!! I AM BEING MOLESTED BY TWO CRAZY PEOPLE!!!" They pulled him back in and Alana and Regina both pinned Rolego down by tiying his legs and paws together.

"Im so calling protective services." They placed him on his back. He began to get angery agian. Malty sensed it.
"Stop he is turning agian!!!!" The girls stopped and began to untie him. after that he got up and began to howl. This was like an alarm for the store staff. It means to get out. Alana and Regina stayed and Malty shut and locked the door.

"ROLEGO YOU ARE GOING THROUGH THE CHANGE AGIAN!!! STOP!!!" Rolego began to yell in vain...he was hurting...then Regina and Alana held him tight a pulse...he stopped changing and started to change back.

He was exasted."Ok.....ok........o.....k.." He looked up agian to see smiles."What,,I almost did it agian..."
"Yeah but you did can control it with our help....see?" Alana and Regina planned this. They know how Rolego changes as well as the wolves......fear..and vulnerability..."Sorry...." Rolego then placed his head on his leg and felt bad for a little while then he turned his face just to be kissed right on the lips by Alana and then Regina...

Rolego was lost at first but then smiled. "Well thank you for....uhhh..hmm...yeah"

The girls blushed a little and giggled then they patted both Malty's and Rolego's head and left.

"what Rolego?"
"I did not change in time..."

Malty knew this was not him changing, Rolego was tring to stop them from doing what they did to Malty.
They laughed at this a little.

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"Rolego is an intresting guy is he...suprised i have still fallen for him." Regina decided to sleep in Alana's room. Alana did not mind.
"Yeah....same here"
"So? What did you think of the wolf?"
Alana blushed a little.."Ok he was cute. What did you think of the pup?"
Regina jumped a little with a samll laugh,"Adorable!!"
They both awed Rolegos pup form. Rolego was under thier bed....he was enjoying what he was hearing.
"I am so happy for him....he faced his inner demon and controlled it. He is getting stronger." Regina laid on her matress looking up at Alana who has her legs in her arms."Yeah he happy for him." Alana gave a bright smile back to Regina.
"Well tomorrow we will have to do it agian. You know that was fun!!!" Regina clasped her hands together.
"Yeah we should but not freak Malty he is not quite ready for that yet." Rolego late....the girls heard. But they did not know where yet.

"Is someone here....Cheak under the bed." Rolego jumped into the holw int matressand stood on the planks of wood in the frame. he was not seen.

"huh...i guess it was nothing. Hey Alana did you know Rolego always keeps the things he found us in?"
Alana looked at her in suprise. "No!!! Why would he do that?" Alana was very pleased to here this.
"He wants to see us mature and grow...he wants us to live as if there is not tomorrow. He keeps our things from when he found us to remember us by."
"Well we ae here are we not?"
"Yes we are...but not forever...sure i can still stay and work here..but You will need to move on after a while. Thats life. Now lets not talk about that anymore..." They began to talk about other things guys would not Rolego thought this would be a good time to move out. He morphed back into the pup form and began to walk out from under the bed.

There is only one issue though....the is no cover from the girls....the ground was completly exposed.

"I dont know Alana...I cry for him very night now....he should not have to go through all the pain...but i guess it worked for him in the end. But I want him close so i can hold him. I dont like to think about it."
"I understnad...he is at war with himself....with no clear winner or loser...what do w do when he does begin to lose Regina?"
"I dont know..but i would do everything in my power to make him stay with us...he has alredy done so much...we should do something for him tomorrow."
"Like what?"
Regina whispered it to Alana..who then blushed and giggled.

What are they talking about?

"Well we got a big day tomorrow...sleep well."
"You to love you"
"heh...Love you to"

"...ok....i should go now" Rolego morphed agian and then moved to Alana's side and sat down.
He then looked at Regina and made a puzzled look. Then he went to Regina made ulan staffs under her matress and moved her next to Alanas bed at the same hight as well. Rolego then plopped down right in the middle he kept one eye open and then closed it a few moments later and went to rest.

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Post  Admin on Tue Oct 12, 2010 7:52 pm

Regina and Alana both woke up at around 8 in the mourning. They were geting undressed...then they saw a bulge in the covers...Rolego had have been woke up yet...he was in the rooms still.

"Hey what is that...Regina..?"
"Yeah.......huh..I dont looks like nothing though."
"Yeah but look at's moving....and the cover are rising and falling."
Regina took a closer look at the blankets only to feel kind of exposed.."
"HOLY CRAP IT IS!!!!" The duo moved to it and looked over it....Regina poked it...with her finger....she was pretty squimish....she did not like the feel of a small, soft thing under the blankets..
"How long has it been there?"
"I dont know!!!! I could have been thier the eniter night....even our beds are together."
Regina pointed this out by looking at the black pillars holding her bed up....she was so freaked out she did not notice this before...
"Alana....pull the covers.."
"What!? No you do it..."
"I touched it.....Go!!"
Alana rached under the blankets and began to pull the blankets off.....she felt Rolego's fur and quickly jumped back....
"I dont want to see it....I want to put my clothes on please......"
"You are fine.....just pull it off!!" They both were wearing thier under clothes....Rolego was in for a treat.

Alana pulled the blankets.......they both looked on the bed....

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Post  Admin on Tue Oct 12, 2010 9:00 pm

"Oh my god....psst....hey...Rolego...." Rolego was K.O.ed he had not idea what was going on.
"...alana...are you seeing this...that is friggin cute."
"I know I see...what should we do though?...We should just get dressed an-"

Rolego began to wake up....he streched and he had a pillow to the face."Ummm what-"
"Rolego!!!Stay under the pillow!"
"Why...whats wrong.." His voice changed agian...he sounded like a 4 year old kid. The girls loved every time he talked. But niw it is not the right time.
"Just...uhhhh..hey-" Regina looked at Alana and told her something Alana also knowing Rolego's mind....nodded in agreement....reluctantly...They sat on the bed and took the pillow off of Rolego...he kept his eyes closed.

"So what happened...?"
Alana was feeling like a girl who lost her prom date.....ackward. She then had a better idea...she went into her closet and pulled out a very wide and tall-T...she tossed one to Regina who also felt a little better with Alana and her idea..Like they were reading each others mind...they plotted.

"Ummmm....guys...whats up..I am beginning to fell wierd." Rolego went back under the he could open his eyes....but it did not make him feel any better.

The two girls...feeling a litle vile after thier last idea...agian sat down on the bed.
"We are getting dressed.."
" can let me out you know."
"Oh we know but we can trust you.....Right Alana....?"She gave a nod.
"Its ok now we are covered."
"Uhhhhh...No....I wont come out....."
"Why not were are covered."
"Yes you are COVERED. I know the lady speech..COVERED...just barley acceptable to my eyes."
" watch out for us alot dont are no fun either."
"What does that mean?"
"Well you are our father...but you are our brother...please come out."
"No Alana...I will not come out...I bet you are only wearing the tall tees The group bougt you.."
"Like leave the room?"
"No from under my Blankets!!"
Alana tore the cover away from the bed....Rolego eyes were still closed...
Regina felt the sudden urge to hit Rolego....
"open your eyes and turn back to rour normal self please."
Rolego did turn back...but did not open his eyes.
Then Regina looked at Alana..and gave a small smlie and Nod.
Alana did the same.
Alana and Regina split coming from behind and the other from the side.
"But.....who said you could not be our lover?"
Rolego almost opened his eyes...but held them shut...
"What are you 2 doing..........girls..."
He did not hear a thing so he opened his eyes to see no one in front of him.

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Regina knows a secret only Rolego only of his forms...its eyes has the abilty that no other creature has...a woman would fall for matter how far away you are.

"WHEW!!!Man that could have been an issue....So happy i did not morph..."
Rolego then saw that the tees were on the floor."Aaa..they could have changed clothes...hmmm...I havent messed with my morphs in a while. I am getting kinda rusty.'

Right then....Both of the girls jumped him...they took off the tees...only having their under clother on. Rolego ended up on his back with to girls....adorable girls...on him...He paniced a little.

"Ok...ummm.what do you want?"
"Turn to the guy i went for."
"Oh please...Alana wants to see."
Alana tilted her head."...before i do....what is she talking about Rolego?" Rolego had this memory embedded into his brain. He was actually scared of family for the first time of his life. He really did not want Alana being exposed to it. "No. Alana you were almost messed up when Malty and I found you. There is no way i will tell or change!! This is an absolute negetive."
Alana looked at Regina."What does he mean...Regina!?" Alana looked at Regina.
Regina looked back at her," Whats wrong?"
"What does he mean?"
"Oh..ok...about 2 years ago Rolego was in the bath...I knew he was a morpher but never told him. But one day i decided to puposly walk in on him....and well he was morphed...into the" Regina pet Rolego's head this calmed him down a little. But still he was upset.

"What do you mean Regina?"
"I just looked in his eyes and i thought i saw a god."
Alana looked at Rolego who was still on his back."Now I am what happened after wards?"
Regina looked at the ceiling." Well I felt something very difrent.....I loved the feeling but felt disgusted at the same time. Rolego came to my side to see if i was fine...then I...well" Regina turned to a ruby red color.
Rolego finished her words" She pretty much asked me to do stuff!!! I never changed back afterwards....It stilll does make my skin crawl." Alana looked at Rolego and then remembered a few of Reginas words the night before.
"Show me.."
"Please. I wont know till i see."
"No...I wont...for your safty as well as mine."
Alana understood but bowed her head,,,she was upset...she really wanted to see...."ok.."
Rolego felt bad...he actually began to think of another way for him to show her and not get touched.
A few moments later Malty trotted in.
"Yeah whats up?"
"I may need to morph into the sleeper...I need you to-"
"Woah....woahwoahwoahwoah...woah! Why?!"
"I have to show Alana."
"Remember what happened to Regina AND Chrystal?"
Malty remebered it like it was yesterday...he understood...
"So, it going to be like a flu shot kinda deal."
"Yup...she will need to know so she should be able to control her.....uh?"
"well that was the word i was trying to not say." Rolego moved to the back the room. He took his front two paws and spaced them out wide...
Malty went over to Regina and Alana...."Please try to control yourself...." Malty then took his tail and press it upon Regina and Alana so that they cannot move. He gave the ok to Rolego."Alright...ready when you are."

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Rollego gave a sigh and he began to glow... his body began to change drasticly...his fur became black and grey strips began to develope then a light red light filled the room. Regina was getting anxious....she really wanted to see the form agian..called sleeper.

The light disapated....and there he stood.
Malty's Inn - Page 3 Male_anthro_fox
At first Alana did nothing but look but then Rolego's and Alana's eyes locked. She at first noticed the strage felling over come her senses then she and Regina both fell to the floor...They both had the same feeling like Regina had two years ago.

They both began to pant and blush..
Rolego looked at malty..."are they good?"
"You ask are the one they are drooling over." Malty gave a funny grin.
"Oh ha leasted she knows now."
"About what?" Alana stood up...she had nothing wrong with her.."See nothing is up. You can let go now Malty." Alana was tickled a little but Malty did relase pressure on her and Alana sat on the bed.
"Well that was a very ummm akward feeling....i still have it."
Regina was still trying to conrtol her self...she found it impossible...she looked at Alana..and saw that Alana was still blushing like a ruby...Alana was faking.
Regina looked at Rolego and then Alana...both panting and sweating alot. She realy wanted to get close to Rolego...the feeling was unbearable. So she simply tried to stand by useing Malty as a handel. She then laid her body on the wall..She looked like she just put clothes on after a bath...she was not going anywhere in that condition.

Malty seeing that the girls were only wearing their underclothes, Made him figit and squirm every moment Regina touched him or vice versa. It was getting pretty heated.
"Malty do you think I should change back now?"
"No..Regina needs to curb the feeling like Alana..but Regina seems be having a tough time. Alana....Alana?"
Alana left and went to the bathroom. She was sitting in the tub. She felt like she just ran the marathon.
"" She was having issues....and not showing that she was.....took a toll on her. Physicaly, but not emotionaly. She loved the True form Rolego...but the sleeper...made her want something...and now she wanted it...bad.

She went into the other bathroom and got into Rolego's bath/pool It was cool. So she calmed down a little but she kept thinking about him....Rolego or the sleeper..? She kept thinking this over and over agian.

She was losing her mind..over the same guy...but with diffrent forms....she wanted them both....the same..
She dried her self went to Rolego's and Malty's room and laid on their seemed like she was trying to stop thinking...she was tearing herself apart.

She then got up and went back...hopefully better.

Regina was acting like a caged lion.....she was running into Malty and trying to sneak around him...but she was losing a battle that needed to be won. She laid on the ground groaning....and groaning....Alana was suprised to see her in this state. Alana was messed up but not that bad. She went over to Rolego who is now resting with his eyes closed on the wall. Alana shook felt like ajolt of electrcity gooing through her arm. She was controling herself though...witchh is really good.

Rolego looked at her and pouted."where have you been Malty and I were about to go look for you. Are you holding ok?"
"Ummm....I dont know....its hard...." She had a quiver in her voice....she cant see him..or shell loose.
"Oh ok....I guess you are doing well...look at Regina."
She was bouncing off the walls!! Regina could not control herself....she looked possesed. Her hair was over her eyes. She was on her hands and knees she was gasping for breath...she was being fed energy from somewhere! She was fully emersed in l......u......s......t.....she was not gonna quit till she got what she wanted.

"OH MY GOD!!!!!" Regina was now yelling...Chrystal came running in...she had been exposed to this form before...she had controled it then so she was in control now...
"Malty and I agreed that it would be good to show Alana this form...who is holding up very well. Regina is the one we are concrened about...she has not gotten any better scince the last time. We have to get her and make sure she can hold her own."
Chrystal st next to Rolego and gave a nod. They both looked at Regina. Both were suprised by her ferocity and energy. She then began to slow down.....she fell to the floor...she was out of energy she was on the verge of passing out but stood up and then moved to Rolego. Malty let her pass. Rolego sat down and Both Alana and Regina, sat in front of him....both are still panting and sweating...but both able to control it.

Rolego, still not convinced did something very diffrent. He leaned in. He was about and inch or two away from their faces. He went to Alana first. Alana sat and stared...she was lost...but did not do anything else.

The he went to Regina..She was still the same...but somehows she was able to control her wants...she bowed her head and closed her eyes tight..Rolego placed a hand under her chin and made her look up at the eyes.

Regina was at war....she felt like a freight train hit her...she was not hurting...but she wanted to do something...but she kept her mouth shut. She did have a blush you could see from the moon.. but she held...she may not be cured..but she was vaccinated.

Rolego rubbed both of their heads and morphed back to him normal form...proud as can be.

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Both Regina and Alana went to Rolego.
"Thanks..........I really did need that....." Regina was drenched in sweat...she was covered by Rolego's tail. I wich she held like it was the last thing she was gonna do on earth. She looked bak and saw Rolego still had the same pair of eyes...then they went away..she tensed up for a moment and relaxed. She was laid on Malty's side in which she was out like a light. She was sound asleep.

Alana on the other hand....still had the same feeling but more. Her weakness was not the sleeper it was Rolego's true form....She hugged him....thats all she did. this did realse some of her urges but there was a ton more. She was happy he was there.

Rolego then left...."I am going to take a bath....all be back.'" Then he left....he went and jumped into the pool and set the fountain to mix soap and the water. It did not give the best clean..but it cleaned what was needed to be cleaned. Then Alana came in with a sponge....she wanted to wash the areas Rolego cant get his back. That was her first thought....she hoped it was the only thought.

"Huh...oh uh hey...are you ok Alana"
"yeah....I am....I just came to wash your back."
Rolego looked at her with mixed feelings..he just put her through hell and possibly back....he did not know whether or not she was still suffering from it all...but she held up the entire time...
"ok....just dont get wet agian." Rolego gave her a grin...She grinned back but she put on a fake facade...she was now beginning to loose the battle.

She went over to him with a new set of clothes...she felt very humiliated after going throught the entire ride with only hey underclothes on. She did not get in the water she simply sat on the leadge with her feet in the water.. Rolego simply swam to her and showed her his back...She did begin to clean but after a few moments she was being set back to whenever she saw the sleeper...she was feeling diffrent...she began to pant...but the second run around was almos unbearable. She then stopped and she back up and sat on her shins...she had her hands between her legs and she was bent over...going through the same thing...X10.

Rolego looked at her and smiled...."You want it to stop?"
Alana shook her head...."No...I dont....I it."
Rolego looked at her with a deamener...she was a strong girl. Regina is 20 and she cannot take it...Alana just turned 18...she is taking it like a pro.

Rolego then began to swim to the middle of the pool, but was stopped by Alana bby the scruff of his neck. She just picked up the sponge and smiled..."Heh...I am not done yet" She gave a very small smile...Rolego rolled his eyes and went back....he turned agian and she went back to cleaning....she slowly began to take control agian.
Her focus was cleaning him nothing more...for now.

When she finished she looked at Rolego agian......she still had the same felling....she still wanted HIM!! But....she knew what it could do to their already strong relationship. But she did ask for one favor.
"Um Rolego?"
"I know this might sound ackward...but i just wanted to say thank preped me for the future..if i ever do meet you in that form agian." Rolego and Alana smiled at each other."It is not a problem need to know."
"I-I still....phew...ummm" She began to pant agian...but it was worse.
"I...need.....I...want...." She was silenced.....Rolego gave her what she wanted....He kissed her...and Alana came back withit as lasted for about 30 seconds...Then they both broke off....Alana still wanting...sat up straight...
"Thank you.....very much"
"AAA its nothing...."
"No really...I probably would have lost it if you havent."
Rolego gave her a laughable look. She did laugh and she helped Rolego out the bath/pool. Rolego warmed his body using a trick his dad had taugh him long ago. He concetrated and his body started to turn to a light red color.. then the air around him blew across him. He looked like a plush toy....But after his fur went down...his fur looked like water...but moved like a match flame....Alana was on his back and was laid in his back the whole way back to her room with Regina...It was still about 11:00.

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Rolego moved Alana to the bed...she was still in the same state but she was asleep. She was not moving any. Regina was awake once more...but she looked mad. "what s wrong?"Regina said nothing...she was still feeling the same feeling...but she to upset to care. She moved Alana to her bed and covered her....Then she looked at Rolego.
"Why what?"
"Why did you help her and not me?"
"What are Yo...oh the kiss"
"Yes the kiss.."
"I am sorry but she was on the brink...and Malty was not there it was either he doing what you were doing earlier or help her a little more....what do you want me to do?"
Regina stepped back and blushed a little."" Regina wanted it as well. Rolego knew what she want ed but waited....he was waiting for her to drop her guard."Regina..."
"Please...I have not felt any better evr scince you turn to your form....and it is getting worse." She could not stop thinkng about it. She was in the same position as Alana....torn between two forms of the same being.

"Rolego....I am getting desprate..."
She moved to him and she bent her legs...she was still some ways away...but Rolego did the math...he could reach. "Regina...listenn to yourself.."
She was beining to pant agian...she then felt like before...she began to grab hold of Rolego's hurt him a little.
"" He silenced her by kissing her as well.....she went as well. The both of them were locked...against Rolegos will. When she was done...she broke off...Rolego looked at her and smiled...she then ran at him and got him on his back. She did nothing more...she fell asleep with her head on his chest. Rolego looked up to see Alana laughing a little.
"Well arent you geting lucky..."
"She was in the same position your were....but not in the bathroom."
Alana laughed a little and smiled....."I have a question...why do you help us so much?"
"Well....I do what i can..."Rolego gave a smile.
Alana then got up and then went to him agian."Well...I guess Regina and I wont do what we were gonna do today." Rolego's ears moved up and stood on end...he looked down to see Regina...still awake and looking up smiling.
"Ok...whats going on...?"
"well today we were going to give you a gift."
"Oh, thats it...ok"
"Well not that kind of ready!?"
Malty stood in the doorway and gave a sinister grin."Malty...?"
"Sorry did not get the treatment I did....soooo?" He cast a spell called relecuse....a spell that does what it says...a holding seal that the caster can move. So he could move Rolego whenever he was in the circle...Regina and Alana were both in the circle..."Ok....Regina you have been doing this to me ever scince you turned 17....why Alana too?"
"It was Alana's Idea"
Alana blushed..."But i did get what i wanted....but i want more than a help kiss."
Regina did the same...Rolego scrambled and ran but forgot the seal....It felt like he ran into brick wall. He bonunced off like if he was a rubber ball.

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"NOOO!" He turned to the two grils his eyes were red...."Stay away i dont like being conered you know this....why are you doing this to me?"
Regina and Alana looked at him...then they asked him a question he would never forget.
"Why do you say that....have you always controlled it? Why do you not like being cornered?"
"I dont know...It does not like it."
" does not like it."
"Why is it like that...well lets see."
They kept the seal on him....then they jumped him....He did not changed he just sat down and felt the girls land on top of him...."Well I am under you two....and I have not changed yet...thats good." The two girls laughed a little but then began to move up his body and to his head... Then they Malty did something he always wanted to do. Torcher the crap out of Rolego he called up Chrystal....she had a whole bag full of Pasta Sauce.....and she threw it in the seal blew up. The girls knew this was coming...Rolego however, was staring at the circlle the Sauce filt up a good 3 feet..If he even breathed he would be the end of the girls so he morphed to the small two tailed fox and plopped in...he was eating and eating. He was having a blast. But the girls then picked up Rolego and told him."Morph back to normal." Rolego shook his head.

They then began to stare at him...with the same look when he said something about the costume and burning it. He turned back and sat down with his head bowed and his ears down."Ok...what now?"
Chrystal smiled."Well your sleeper form has the ability to make a women have her urges hightened by alot...but even when the form is gone the urge is still there. Sssssssooooooo..."
"I have to relive THEM!?"
"Dont worry they will not go to far."
"You through one of my weaknesses in here!!!"
"Well we though it would help.."
"With that pepper jack......curse you..."
Chrystal laughed a very cynical laugh. "You have fun!"
"Malty open this thing....I cant take it anymore!!"
"Sorry you on your own." Malty then left.
"Ok ho-" He was tackled by Regina and was getting a mouth full.. She actully put sauce in her mouth and while she was doing her thing she put it in Rolegos mouth. At first Rolego spat it out..
"What the hell!?"
Alana did it next....then Regina....It did not stop for a while...The girls were actually enjoying every moment of it.
Harassing the only guy they love alot. They were actually not feeling anymore but this may be the only time they get this kind of freedom.
But was Regina's turn and Rolego was zombified...she kissed him but did not back off...Rolego caught this when he ended up on his back...he then began to get up...but was stopped by Alana who was panting...but alot harder and sweating like she ran around the world in 2 seconds. They were fixed....but they wanted more.

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Regina agian gave a look...she had a very dark blush...she was not Regina any more....Alana looked the same...Then they both said the same thing at the same time..."Please forgive me for this.."

Alana and Regina both held him down, well they both taking turns, Alana went up first and gave Rolego a long and deep kiss. She made some moans but she held her composure...but she beginngning to pressup on Rolego....The deal was this....Chrystal knew that the girls would not be the same for the next few days if they were not relived...Malty knew this as well....Malty did not like the idea...but it was the only one....the want can be relived is by sleeping with or kissing the person who sent the spell....Rolego is on lock down till they were done. Alana held her kiss for what seemed like an eternity. She then broke off....she looked lke a dog. She then gave one true but less crazy kiss in..."I'm Sorry..." Regina was up next....she was in deeper waters the Alana...She did the same as Alana...but had more movement noise and pleaseure out of it....she was a monster!!(In a bad way!!) She also used her tounge and she agian had Roelgo on his back... she opened her eyes a little and saw Rolegos eyes...they were the eyes of Hellfire.....Roelgo has been fighting for 10 minutes agianst both the girls and Hellfire... Regina agian went back to her thing....but she stopped her act and just gave Rolego a kiss.

The seal went off and Rolego did not say a word....he simply left....Alana went after him was stopped by Regina...She was not the right time....Rolego went past The other tooo as he left the door...his eyes were fulll of anger...and full of sorrow...Rolego was used as a pleasure toy aginst his will....He went to the bath and begin to wash himself by turning on the suds on in the tub....20 minutes later...the girls came in...and they also got in....They did disrobe and what not but they looked at Rolego...He was not there....he was tired, sad, and angery. He did not want to move..He took a cool bath and got out. Dried himself and was about to leave...but was stopped by Alana..She sat in front of him as did Regina..."Rolego....I know I am sorry wont be alot....but that is all we could say...." Alana and Regina looked up to see a very thick glare.
"We wanted-"
The girls cringed at Rolego's yelling they both felt bad but they knew what to expect...they feared Rolego when he was upset.
"...because we knew you would"
"NO!!! I WOULD NOT!! I would try to find another way...I did not want Either of you to go through that,I DID NOT EITHER!!" Rolego was Fuming...
"YOU WHAT!!!! YOU THOUGHT!?" Rolegos boice began to change he was getting to upset Hellfire is about show its real colors..."WHAT DID YOU THINK?"
".....we....we....thought you..."
"..did not trust you?"
The girls looked up to see Rolego....he was not angery anymore....he had well as they.
"What you two did....was uneceptale....but....i do found a soulution to your I guess i can be happy about that." Rolego gave a smile showing he was not upset. "I jst feel bad the you two espesally you Alana had to got through this...I even feel bad about showing you in the first place...Sorry...Alana I was hopeing you would not become...victim to this...and I guess I am not fit at being your gaurdian...I gu-"

As quick as a flash both Alana and Regina both were crying and were on him...the gave him big bear hugs.
"Dont ever say THAT!!!"
"YOU are the perfect person to take care of us as well as Malty. We could not ask for ANY BETTER!!!! IM SO SOOOORRRY!!!"

Alana and Regina made their point clear..
"THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGIAN!!!!! PLEEEEASE DONT hate us." They two girls did not want to be alone....

Rolego looked at them....
".....i never will say i hate you....and...i have aleady forgiven you....Im sorry for saying that....I guess i just felt bad for bringing Alana form here thret of being raped to here and doing that to me..."

Alana gave Rolego a kiss on the nose..."Its dont have to."
"We took advantage of you....and we did not know when to stop...we....we just wanted to be next to you."
Rolego put his paws and arms around the both...he held them tightly...."Ditto"

They all laughed a little....and Roelgo sat down as he watched the other 2 washed...they did not care if he watched or not there was something diffrent in the air. Malty walked in."Hey Rolego...sorry for uh.."
"Its is ok..." Malty smiled and gave a nod. He laid next to Rolego and watched the girls....

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After they were finished they began to look for something to do. They did bring Alana everywhere except for the other town. So, around 4:00,

"You guys want to go to the town we saw from the hill?" Rolego was feeling alot better after earlier. He was going to a place for the girls and Malty to have fun at.
"Huh...really?" Alana did not expect for him to bring them somewhere....not after what happened.
"Its ok if you dont want to go. You only had about 2 hours of rest. Just tell me later wether or not you want to go." Rolego, with a smiled then turned and began to leave.
"Wait, why are you going their for?" Regina looked up, she had a very funny sleepy look.
"Well, I guess you wont know until you come or not." said Rolego with so much sracasim it driped for his mouth.

Alana then sat up in the bed," Sure...Yaaawnn...I'll go." She then got up and went to her closet.
Regina then did the same," Yeah sure...I have not been there in a while."
Rolego looked at her with sympathetic eyes. He knows why she was not complely happy about going. She lived at the orphange there...she had not returned since.

"What is with the look?" Regina looked up with her sleepy eyes and tilted her head to the side.
"Are you sure? Its where you were from...I just dont want to see you unhappy."
"Yeah....Im okay...besides, Alana needs some company." She then gave a small smiled and went to get dressed in her room.

Malty then walked in...he was ready to go." Are they coming?"
"Yeah,,,hey what are we doing to do there?" Rolego actually did not know. He just wanted to bring the other two along.
"Oh sorry I forgot to tell, We are going for a little trip. It was actually the girls idea before the...well you know."
"Huh? Oh...why are they?"
Malty loked up and shrugged."I have no idea. Regina wanted me and you to go down there with her. I is maybe about her past."
"Oh...maybe that is the reason why-"
Alana had just walked out of the closet....she looked refreshed and a little akward.
"Rolego why the sudden change of your emotions?" Alana was staring at him so hard it looked like he was going to spontaniously combust.
"What has past has past. No. I am not to proud" Alana looked down. She looked like she felt horrible.
"But.....yes I am still proud that you found a way to take care of matter how emotionaly scarring it was." Rolego and Malty laughed at this a little. Alana blusch and puffed up.
"Well I dont think it is funny!!! What we did was wrong. So wrong you though you could not be our father anymore."
Rolego stopped laughing and looked at the gound."Yes, I did think that. It is not ok for a bro to be put in that position. Especially after taking in a new member of the family." Alana gave a look was a little worse.
"So...yes I can understand you being upset that you did that...and being upset with me for saying that. I was upset myself....You were not ready for that..heh...I was not either. I also apoligize for making you feel you were at risk of being abandoning you....but let me make myself clear....I...I!!!....would never do that...I said that you...YOU!! could leave of you though you should...." Rolego gave a great smile.."Happpily neither of you did."

Alana then felt secure has been itching at her. Regina then came back....she also carried a small bag. It was the same bag she had when she was saved by Malty.
"Is that.." Malty and Rolego both said this with squinted eyes...
"Yup...this is the pouch I took from the orphange when I ran away...I kept it to remind me of a good friend of mine." She held up a picture....She and some boy....both smiling proudly..
Alana then took it..."Who is it?" Regina gave a sigh and looked at the ceinling.
"He was like one of my brothers...even though i was 2 years older than he was...he was there fighting, caring, making me laugh....just like you Rolego...Well, the day I ran he gave me his pouch with the money he had saved for the time he was there, and he gave me a picture...that picture. I just want to see if he still remembers me..."
Regina gave a smile. She then closed her eyes while looking down."His name was Clay." She then took the pic back and put it in her shirt...
"Well...times wating...lets GO!!" She then walked out of the inn with Malty, Alana, and Regina behind her...

Why doed that name seem so familiar....and the I know him!!? Malty and Rolego thought the same thing....something about the pic....seems very odd.

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Malty's Inn - Page 3 Empty Re: Malty's Inn

Post  Admin on Sat Oct 16, 2010 2:12 am

Valey and the group just got home and Chrystal almots tackled Valey. Valey let out a cry.

"What do you think you were doing?!" Chrystal had dry tears on her face.

"I saw the entier thing on the polint screen. Why did you not attack!!?? You walked to him.....You saw him hurt your family. Why did you let him?"

"I did not.....I could not hurt him for Regina's sake. He was her first friend in the orphange. He was lost.....he was also the little boy we took in...


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Malty's Inn - Page 3 Empty Re: Malty's Inn

Post  Admin on Sun Oct 17, 2010 12:48 am

Chrystal....fell to her knees...and she began to cry. She knew the boy more than any other besides Regina. Regina went to her side and held her close. Regina held a sad smile. Alana and Malty both hung their head slightly,Valey stood up slowly, She still was not totally healed from her wounds, and went to Chrystal as well. She held her close...and wore a very motherly expression. Chrystal, after a few minutes, calmed down and looked up with dried and wet tears still on her face. She wore a small and heavy hearted smile.

"I just never though Clay could change so much in just 13 years." Chrysatl then looked at Valey, Her expression was cold but had a very happy look. She then looked at the blood on the floor from where Valey was injured.

"How many?"
"Wow.....Valey? Why do you do this to yourself?"
This took Valey by suprise. She did not expect to be asked the same question agian. She took a step back looked at the ground, and gave a long sigh.
"I dont like to let others hurt. I cant stand seeing it. That is why I take their pain and Burden. I want to make the people believe they have a friend no matter where they are and what they do. I will be there even when I am Not. I love people, I also love complete strangers. We breath the same air. We speak a native language. What makes us so diffrent from each other? I dont see any diffrence from the smallest insect to the biggest mammel. We all are the same.....we all have a heart."

Valey then gave everyone a stern look. She was tired of being asked a question that seemed so obvious to her. She took offence to the question. But, she calmed her face.
"But, If one needs to be stopped from causing pain....It will need to be done. Not matter what." Valey then gave the room a very bright smile.

"I see now. Thank you. None of us would be here without you or your judgements. Now I see why you took these two girls in. You did not see two strangers. You saw two sisters who neede your help as a big sis or mother."

Valey gave a nod.

Alana and Regina then gave a hug to Valey, Who grunted, she was still in pain, but, she did not care family is family. No matter who is in it.

Valey gave the both of them a kiss to the forehead and she went to Malty. He was and is always by her. Thick or thin. She gave him the greatest hug of the group.

"I almost did die today...But, If I did...I know that they are in good hands." Valey gave a kiss to Malty's forehead.

Malty looked up with a teary grin. Valey hugged him agian...she gave him comfort. She then stood and faultred.

She was caught by the Malty, Alana, and Regina. All three crying but not made a sound. Then all slowly began to group hug Valey. They did not know the specific reason why he chose them, But now...they are very proud of there big brother/sister, Father/Mother, and best friend. She gave them all kisses to their heads and noses. Then they carried her up the stairs and to her bed. They tucked her in, and sat next to her in the bed, all smiling and crying.

Valey, finally went to sleep. She was almost immidiatly woken up by the three...who crawled under the covers with her.....she did not open her eyes...but she did smile a great smile....She felt Clay doing the same.

And he was.......

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Malty's Inn - Page 3 Empty Re: Malty's Inn

Post  Admin on Sun Oct 17, 2010 1:24 am

The next day Valey turned back into Rolego. The healing process to a toll on his energy. He had see his head under Regina's chin. He then moved and sat next to the bed....and waited for them to wake up.

They soon later did."Well Goodmourning." Said Rolego with his happy bur sleepy tone.
Malty's stone turned to a light green. a sign of peace.
Alana and Regina streched and moved to Rolego they pat his head as well as Malty's.
Rolego and Malty then sat together for the first time awake in 2 days.
"how are your wounds?"
"They are healing up just fine....whats wrong? Even though you are smiling you are still hurting."
Malty looked up slowly looked up with a slightly shy look in his eye.
"Did you really mean what you said? You know, About me being able to take care if them alone?"
Rolego place a paw on his friends head. He gave a very great grin."Yes, I know you you are able. You are as strong as me. You would be a great mentor and father." Malty looked up with a strong look on his face.
"Thank you....and thank you for what you have done for Regina."
"I did what was necessary. Now lets go....I'm hungery." Malty and Rolego moved down the stars. Rolego was having a tought time. In his original form the bullet wounds are in diffrent places....makeing him hurt more.

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Malty's Inn - Page 3 Empty Re: Malty's Inn

Post  Admin on Sun Oct 17, 2010 1:44 am

Rolego finally made it down staires and took Valey's form. She went around the corner to have people stare at her. The costumers all then went to her and gave her hugs, kisses,.....purposes??....happily declined.

Then one boy came up. "Why hello."
"Hi....I am Delor."
"My name is Valey. How are you?"
The boy looked at his feet."I am ok.."
Valey knew exactly what the boy wanted. She gave him a hug and a kiss to the cheek. The boy turned to a beat red and tried to speak.
"It is alright. You are not in trouble. Ok?"
The boy gave a quick nod."You come back sometime okay little bro?"
The boy smiled big and gave another quick nod.
"Well arent you a sight to see!!" It was Goldreed.
"Well hello. How are you?"
"Well Rolego, I came here to ask you the same thing. What happened? Why did you let that punk -"
Goldreed was stopped by Valey with a elbow to the chest.
" that? You could have died!! As well as your peers."
" would have been fine. Malty would have done his part if I had." Valey gave a very solem grin.

Goldreed covered his face with his left hand."Well I guess I cant blame. You did what you could to keep everyone alive. I thank you for that." Goldreed then took his helmet, gave a saulte, and left.

Valey gave a small sigh. Then went into the kitchen. She actually began to start to cook. She put on her apron, grabbed a few pots and pans. Water, spoons, and the rest.

Malty stood on the ground watching Valey cook. It smelt magnificent.

"Wow...I did not know you could cook."
"Well Malty Cassandra cooked for you a couple of times."
"yeah but it never smelt that good." Malty had his eyes closed and sniffing the air. Wow it smelled great.

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Malty's Inn - Page 3 Empty Re: Malty's Inn

Post  Admin on Sun Oct 17, 2010 2:34 am

Valry gave a chuckel and went looking for the sea salt. It tastes a little better to her. So went looing high and low left and right. Malty found it. It was in the pantry she was standing next to. She pet Malty's head and went back to work. She was later found working by Chrystal and a few other workers.
Chrystal looked at Valey with a very funny look. Nade Valey and Malty chukle.
"What are you doing?" Chrystal crossed her arms and began to tap her foot. She was not mad, she kept a smile.
Valey looked was a mess.
"Well I was making the girls and Malty some food. They had a rough day yesterday." She gave a small smile with a small tilt to he head.
"Well you shouldent." Valey looked at Chrystal with a confused look.
"Why?" She had a small laugh in her voice.
"Well look at you! You are still hurt and bleeding. You shoudent be up." Chrystal gave a duh look.
"Well I guess I just wanted to help.....sorry." Valey gave a llok the only Chrystal could love.
"Oh! Sigh.......fine...just let us help. We are also cooking for the costumers." She gave a very happy and enthusiastic smile.
"Heh...Thank you. Well I need some garlic salt and some chives.That will be all for now.....Well CHOP CHOP we got people out there who are hungery. The staff and Malty all pitched in. They all were running around and Valey was about to be finished. She made two full pots. It was a thick tomatoe soup with sausage. Simple, But it very tasty. She took the spoon and lent it down o Malty...He almost began to chew on the spoon it self. It Was Really good!!!

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Post  Admin on Sun Oct 17, 2010 3:13 am

Valey then began to give the waiters and waitresses who took them out to the costumers. They all loved it. Then Valey took two bowls up the stairs to both Regina's and Alana's rooms. They both were in Alana's room. They were talking about something. But, Valey did not care much for it. She then moved in all smiles.

They were not smiling back. "Hey what is wrong."
The girls stood...."Ummm well. Well you see, We now know why you took us in. That was really sweet of you, but when Clay did what he did. Why were you not mad and did to him like you did to the others?"
Valey then gave a motherly look to them and set to two bowls on the floor in front of them. They took them and began to scarf the soup down. They were finished within a minute and they sat with their ears up.

"Well, I dont know. Like I told you Regina, Sometimes pain and intimidation is not the way. I had a feeling that Clay was lost. I also did not want to harm a close friend of Regina's. So, I guess I thought of another way. I just did not want to harm a kid I knew and took in, no matter how bad he did. I am just happy we all left with our lives and lifestyle."
"NO!" Alana was trembling.
"I know the answer you gave us for our question about why you do things and not ask in return anything. But what is the real reason?"
Valey then turned back into Rolego."It guess it was from my childhood....I was alone....diffrent.....unaccepted. I guess it pains me to see people who were never in my shoes going through the same thing I di-"
Regina stopped his words with a finger to his mouth. Fianlly they were smiling.
"I know what happened to you when you were a pup.....I just did not know it still affected you so many years later." Regina looked up with a very Motherly smile. "Thanks. You have alot of secrets dont you?" Rolego gave a small laugh. But it was a mask....He was hurting. Alana sensed it. "Whats wrong?"
Rolego winced a little. He then raised his arm.......Hellfire fur was slowly taking over his body.
Alana gave a small gasp. She also sat on her shins."What....What does this mean?"

Rolego gave a very sad smile."I-I am losing the battle. I will have to leave for a few days when the spread reaches a point. You cannot come. When Hellfire is out....It kills anything and destroys. I dont want you or anyone else to know. Understand?"

Alana raised his arm agian....You can see it moving. "How much time?"
"I Would say in about 2 days I will leave. and I will be gone for a week. Alana?"
"If I do not return within a week....send Malty to check on me. I might not be there anymore or,,,,or," Alana held him close and held his mouth shut. She gave a look of anger. "Do not say that! I am Also GOING WITH YOU! Remember.....We will stay with you no matter what. Try to understand."
"Alana! I cant risk hurting you or the others agian......I am still scared after that day..I dont want feel that fear more." He began to shake....Alana then Grabbed his shoulders...and then began to slap, kick, throw, anything!!! Rolego's spread moved up to his throat. He ran down the stairs limpng and bleeding from the wounds he recived earilier. He fell down the stairs. Regina and the group saw him.....all in complete awe. Rolego then began to quickly limp out of the Inn and ran outside the door. But was dragged in by Alana. She was beating the tah out of him. He was not evn putting up a fight.....well he was trying not to. Then his eyes turned black,,,,

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Post  Admin on Sun Oct 17, 2010 3:33 am

Rolego then began to yell...and to scream. Alana then backed off. She was later taken down by Malty and Regina.
"What on earth are you doing!!??"
"He was turning Regina!!"
Regina looked back at Rolego who is now turning.
"He was going to leave us. He did not even ask for our help!!"
Regina then slapped th efire out of Alana."He did not want to hurt us. His mortal fear is him hurting us. Why do you punish him for that, WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT!?"
Alana and Regina were arguing back and forth. Then a blood curling roar rocked the INN.
The entire group looked in total fear at Rolego.....or what was Rolego.

Malty's Inn - Page 3 Wolf

They all looked mortified..then Rolego broke through.

"Please runnn.....I cant hold it back much longer!!" His voice was a mix of his and Hellfires voice.
"Everyone....please get out." The entire room stood still. They know Rolego. Almost everyone of them have either been helped by him or he has helped someone close to them. They stood their ground. As well as Regina,Alana, and Malty.

"Rolego....I am sorry for what I did.....I am just sick an tired of you not asking for help. Especially from the staff Regina, Chrystal, me , and even Malty. We wont leave till you beat this."

Rolego was already gone. Malty placed a very powerful barrier around the Imm and its belongings. He was ready as well as any being capable with magic.

Hellfire charged the barrier.

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