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The Black Seed Cafe Empty The Black Seed Cafe

Post  Fatalix on Sun Oct 03, 2010 3:12 pm

This is Kandrals main cafe. You can buy juice, tea, coffee, or just about any food!

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The Black Seed Cafe Empty Re: The Black Seed Cafe

Post  Admin on Tue Oct 12, 2010 12:45 am

The two girls got to the inn and walked through the door...but that was how far they have gotten...both Malty abd Roelgo refused to go any further.

"Wha-Hey!!!Guys comeon!!!"
"NO! The smelll of coffee burns our noses!!!"
Regina and Alana pulled harder,but Rolego and Malty did not budge. So the girls palyed the sadness card.

"Why do you guy want to in with me..." Alana began to siff and wipe her fake tears....Rolego and Malty took notice..they did not yet fall for it.

Regina then said.."Alana its dont need to cry about it.They just want to stay outside."
"But this is the first holiday i will have with them." Then she looked up...tears...TEARS!!!

Malty and Roelgo...were both fooled...Malty moved to Alana.

"Hey..Its oka-OH CRAP!!!" Alana and Regina grabbed Malty and pulled him in..then they grabbed Rolego's leash and pulled.

"HELP!!!!HELP!!!!IT WAS A TRAP!!!!IM BEING OPRESSED!!!" Rolego felll on his face and was dragged and yanked into the room. He was seeing stars....only to wake up to see people staring at him and the gang.

Alana and Regina looked cute while Malty and Rolego tried to make sense of what just happened.

"Dude were we just.."
"yyyyyyup...we were played"
The girls laughed a little at the sound of Rolego's and Malty's reaction. Then they went to the counter and ordered thier coffee.

2 carmel Frapachinos
and 2 venti expressos....with 4 extra shots for Malty and Rolego..

The group sat at a table and a person gave Alana and Regina cups and Malty and Rolego cups and straws.

"Well how do you like the day so far Alana?" Regina and Alana were talking to each other about thire day so far.
But Rolego and Malty sat looking at the cups they have gotten.

"Dude I think they are trying to kill us."
"Dude I dont know...this is very wierd."

The two looked at their drinks like they were about fly in the air and explode...after a few..they began to drink little sips. Rolego took the first sip. He felt a small jolt of pure cafeen and he quickly shook his head.

"..WOAH!!!....Wow this is very hot...but tastes pretty good."
Malty had the same reaction.

A few moments later they both noticed that there could not sit still..they were constantly moving........then they both got up...and stood still for a few moments and!

THey began to run around the entire stoe like a bunch of kids after eating a half a gallon of icecrea, with gummie bears and resses cups. They could not stop moving!!!

"WOAH ROLEGO STOP ACK!!!" Alana and Regina were both being dragged around the store...nothing broke but there was alot of noise...then The hyper mainiacs burst threw the doors and kept dragging the girls up the road.

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