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Name: Alistair Dante A.K.A. The Seven Scarred Stranger
Age: Unknown, but looks to be around his early to mid 20's
Race: Half-demon Wolf anthro
Class: Warrior/Protector
Gender: Male
Faction: Neutral
Inventory: His main zweihander: Kazama, His Yamato: Muramasa, his twin custom magnums, and other various weapons he is able to summon for a fraction of his energy.
Personality:Usually quiet and reserved when dealing with strangers, he is never afraid to make caustic or smart-ass comments, as well as taunt his enemies, no matter their size. What friends he has know him as loyal and dependable, going as far as even risking his own life to protect them or other innocents.
Alistair Dante: The Seven Scarred Stranger 1372429235.elocin_ian_furry
History: When Alistair was a child, his father aimed to make him the perfect weapon for taking over major regions. To do so, he spent years training Alistair all he knew, putting him in underground fights, and beating him even more when he lost. To finalize his training, Alistair's father sacrificed his wife in order to seal a pact that would forever change Alistair.       Many years later, Alistair now walks a changed anthro, his physical abilities much more than that of a normal anthro or human, at a cost. Throughout his nearly immortal life, Alistair would be forced to have his body become corrupted and change to show his now half-demon life, thankfully only up to his left shoulder by now, which occasionally can be seem faintly glowing red.        In order to be viewed as normal, Alistair walks around with his arm now bandaged, only removing it to use his arm as a last resort in battle. He is usually seen wearing a coat that changes color depending on the element or material it touches, which he can summon/unsummon, but is also often seen shirtless, showing off the seven scars adorning his back.      He wanders the world now, trying to run from his past as well as close it off, on the long journey to find his missing father and end his own eternally haunting past. To escape the fact that he is soon to be a monster, he usually helps people with occasional side jobs or protecting those who cant protect themselves when needed, giving him the widely known nickname: The Seven Scarred Stranger.

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