Reyin Celest: the Feral Angel.

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Reyin Celest: the Feral Angel. Empty Reyin Celest: the Feral Angel.

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Name: Reyin Celest
Age: 21
Race: Dromic-Angel and Cainian hybrid (also called a Feral Angel)
Class: Mystic knight
Gender: Male
Faction: Harlen
Inventory: Short sword, arm sheild, bo staff, and fists.
Personality: Kind, caring and open. is very protective of his friends and loved ones as well. is also trusting yet cautious.
Apperance: Image is thanks to Unis95
Reyin Celest: the Feral Angel. Lycris
History: Reyin was born not knowing his father. He was raised my his Cainian (humanoid wolf) mother, with love and compassion. Around the age of 9 he discoverd his ability to manitulate the elements as well as light and darkness. Although he could manipulate them he could not control them and on his 10th birthday he had a childish meltdown and accidentally killed his mother. Upon his tragic error Reyin fled his home town and wandered around learning techniques for self disipline including swordsmanship and martial arts. By the age of 18, Reyin finally mastered the four basic elements and light, however he could not control the darkness. Every time he tried he would leave a wake of destruction in his path, And so he went to the temple and begged the God Merric to take away the darkness in him. Merric agreed but cautioned that it would spawn another more sinister being into creation. Reyin accepted this and vowed to combat the creation if they ever crossed paths. It has been three years since then and reyin has been working with the Harlons trying to help ease their distrust of others and protect them at the same time. All the while the darkness that would be spawned from his purge never showing it's face.....


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Reyin Celest: the Feral Angel. Empty Re: Reyin Celest: the Feral Angel.

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