Roloego's secret revealed

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Roloego's secret revealed Empty Roloego's secret revealed

Post  Admin on Tue Nov 23, 2010 12:29 pm

As the girls were playing with Malty they turned and began to corner Rolego....he at first laughed and played along. But then began to feel diffrent. He began to yell and scream telling the girls to move away and stay away. Malty was the one who moved them.

Later they came back to Rolego as he was slowly beginning to turn ino a demon....Hellfire.
The girls went to him and consoled him. He yelled and screamed at the girls to stay away. But when they got to him he stopped and shook like a ragdoll.

He later did this agian while in the inns diner room.....he did regain control....but he thretned to kill his peers.

For days....he locked himself away in his room.....not eating or sleeping. Later the girls got in as well as the entire staff and some customers. He was not inn the room. Well at first.

Rolego had hid himself under the bed. He was later found. Cleaned, fed,.....but Rolego never forgave himself.

He walked outside and began to greive.....only to be caught in the grasp of all of his frinds and new family as well as old. They did not care whoaor what he was.....they loved him for who he was.

As people began to cry around him he did as well.

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