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Long ago, StallenGrowl, the planet of dreams and nightmares, was at war. The 4 nations, Dromic, Harlen, Gransania, and Vistia, where fighting for a piece of land in the middle of their planet. The land had a name…”The land of Dreams”….a place of infinite possibilities. The war raged leaving fire, blood, and curses. Man and all other creatures were making themselves extinct. Then at the climax of the war, raised the devils saints. They had name, a name that terrified even the souls of creatures….Fellmonts. They had not distinguishing features. They simply did as told. No regrets, no emotion, no souls…

The Fellmont crusade was not a big threat in the begging of their arrival, but 7 months after. Half of StallinGrowls population fell to them. No one could stand in there way. The Fellmont demons were lead by a fallen angle….named Dante. He carried crowns of fallen kings everywhere he went. Many surrendered on the site, but they were slaughtered.

On the brink of extinction, the four nation princes finally decided to put their differences aside. They fought for each other. In the last Years of the war named….the Chronicles…

Rolego the Morph, the only morph, lead the final charge on the lands of Gelendal, attempting to close they jaws of hell, forever. He lead the final strike with the final men of the world. Over 750,000 strong. The Fellmounts Released their forces, their elite forces, named the Xenfalls. Only 50 were left to defend the gates of the Dreadngaht Castle.

Rolego gave the order, his men, as well as himself, charged the gates. The battle lasted for 3 days……All of his men Fell…..The Fellmounts had no losses.

Rolego, the last of his kind, was dying……

“No…….we cannot lose…not now……” Rolego had many arrows in his back, he was bleeding out. All he could do now is sit and watch.

A Fellmont went over to him….expressionless….”You…..pathetic little disgrace…..” The Fellmont circled him watching him suffer. “You lost before the war even started…… have just wasted our food supply….” The Fellmont hissed, as if laughing at Rolego.

The Fellmont then kicked him in the ribs, hard enough to make him yelp. The Fellmont then held him down and placed the blade above his chest.

“You…have failed…”

Right when the blade began to come down a blast of fire rained on the beast creating thick smog.

The Fellmont began to hiss and curse at the user to turn back to see that Rolego had disappeared.

“…..Nooooo…” The Fellmont said with a very sinister tone.

Rolego was being carried by something, someone. He was still zoning in and out of existence.

He fell to the to the ground with a thud. Then he saw a green bright light…He was beginning to see, he was beginning to feel no pain. He stood up and looked at the one who saved him…

“Malty….Thank God you had come”

Malty was a good long time friend of Rolego. He mastered an art of magic that is only used by him. He was extremely well at creating seals.

“There is no time!” Screamed Malty,” We need to make the seal NOW” They both looked out to see that there was a sealing circle surrounding the entire Castle and its people.

“Yes…we need to do this now.” Rolego said with newfound determination in his eyes.

They both nodded and they both began to chant. The clasped their paws together, and began to make the seal.

“The ones who we call God hear our Cry!! Many Men today have perished and died!
We pray right now that this seal will not be in vain!! Show these Beasts true pain!!!
Demolish their home and seal them away, Into the Void Evermore!!!”

The circle then began to glow a radiant red, then the air became very hot, The Fellmonts then began to scream in pain as many dust devils began to appear in the circle.

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Chains shot from the ground wrapping the Fellmonts. The creatures bucked, pulled screamed. They tried everything to get free, but the chains did not give.

The Fellmont that tried to kill Rolego looked up as its People and home began to seep into the ground, and left a few words.


Then with a clasp of light and lightning the seal was complete.

With it complete, Malty and Rolgo both got up and looked around to see the final men of the world lie dead. Malty then once more began to chant and a bright light began to for above him. He then sent it over the land and made it explode. The magic rained down apon the dead, and one by one, all of the people who had fell in battle came back.
They saw the seal circle and remained silent, and then a burst of cheers and sounds of swords beating on shields filled the air.

But Malty looked very concerned; his mind seemed to be fixed on something else.

“Sir!!” Goldreed, the last of the Dromic kings Generals, as well as Rolego’s and Malty’s
Close friend and roommate.

“Yes Friend….what’s wrong…?” Rolego looked back to see him with the color gone from his face.

“Rolego…the seal…we can all see that it is not set in stone….what happened?”

Rolego looked at Malty….blankly.

“Malty….why are you not speaking?”

Malty looked up with a look of pain and anguish. He knew this all too well. “I do not know how to create a permanent seal yet. My teachings were not complete.”

Malty looked out to see their men cheering, but feels like their cheers are in vain.

“All of them will be dead before the seal breaks, so will you Goldreed.” Malty looked up Goldreed, He had no expression.

Rolego looked at Malty with a certain kind of sternness that made Malty lay down. But Rolego broke that stare and smiled. “Thank you…if you did not come I would be dead. Also, the effort would have been a bust….Don’t put yourself down, you did what you could.”

Rolego gave a simple small smile, this gave Malty some Comfort, but then He had an idea.

“Goldreed gather the men…I have something important to say…now...” Goldreed has never seen this side of Malty before, something must have given him some inspiration. “Alright comrade….” With a salute from Goldreed, he runs down the slope to gather the men.

A few moments later the men were organized and all were silence.

“Men, today we are victorious!!” The army erupted into cheers and song….Malty then holds up his paw and everyone became quite.

“But as you may know, it will not be forever. The seal only last for 50,000 years. All of you will be dead and gone by then. So ask of you…will you… umm...”

Malty froze up. He did not want to say. He turned to Rolego…”Could you…?”

Rolego knew what Malty was going to say and took control.

“What my friend is trying to say is that you will all die…in your present state…. What we are trying to say is that we can make you live and stay young for that say to come. We can make you into full blood Dromician…..So you can help us fight the Fellmonts 50,000 years from now…If you do not take us up on our offer….please let us put a AutoRev spell on you when you pass…this is like a ticking alarm…that only Malty and I can control…please, we need your help…”

The entire crowd was quiet. The air was making more sense then the army.

Then one hand rose….then another…then another…till entire army was up and cheering….Malty began to cry a little.

“…Thank you…..all of you…” Malty said with newfound happiness.

The entire army stood their ground all wanting to become Dromician, Including Goldreed who always wanted to become one.

Malty and Rolego knew the spell….and how perfect it had to be. It had to morph the genes of the victim or change to a complete different being.

They too their positions and began to say a prayer. They began to mumble some, and then a bright blue green light floated above the entire army. It grew and grew, growing more powerful, Getting brighter and brighter.

Then it rushed onto the ground making a very sharp light. All of the soldiers first blacked out, that’s normal, for a few moments, then they all got up to see that they all looked the same. All were silent again, then a roar of applause, cheers, and swords clanging with shields. All were happy as well as Goldreed, Rolego, and Malty. They too began to cheer and sing with them.

But Rolego was still thinking about the future.

They will be back…… 50,000 years…..I hope we have time...

That was 20,000 years ago……and now the seal is growing weak…

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