Magic Inscencse Cafe

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Magic Inscencse Cafe

Post  Fatalix on Sun Oct 03, 2010 3:22 pm

This is Grondons main cafe. You can buy nearly any food or drink here!

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Re: Magic Inscencse Cafe

Post  Admin on Fri Oct 15, 2010 9:44 pm

Regina walked in. A few seconds later so did the others.

"You guys can wait here. I have drug you guys around for to can rest if you want." Regina gave a very sorry look.
"Do you want to go alone Regina? One of us will go with you if you want?" Regina gave a big smile and gave a nodd.
"I'll rest"

Regina gave a happy look and wrapped arm around Valey's. She was still not comfy about the meeting. Valey gave a kiss to the head.

"comeon.....lets do this together." Regina smiled and put her head on Valey's arm. Then they went to the desk.

"Umm excuse me sir.." The cashier looked up.

"Do you know where Clay is...It is a peraonal matter." Valey presented Regina who was extremly shy for some reason.

"Uh- Oh yeah he is out back...I ll get him for you and your name issss....."
" Rolego.....thanks...."
The two of them sat at the counter the cashier left two cups of coffee for them when he left.

"Are you ready Regina? You dont look so good..."
"No I am fine....just want to see my little brother....I just hope he will accept me."
Valey gave a look of total shock.
"Excuse me? The two of you were together for years.....He will not forget the person he looked after. You will be fine."

Regina gave a nod and looked at the cashier who left come back....There stood Clay.


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Re: Magic Inscencse Cafe

Post  Admin on Fri Oct 15, 2010 10:17 pm

Regina looked at did Clay look at Regina....
And at the same time..

Regina was out and over the table she tackled huged Clay who was laughing the entire way down. They were happy..

Valey...then got up and started to walk away...then" are Rolego...right"

Valey stopped and turned around...."Yes...?"

Clay went around the counter and stood smiling..."Stop morphing....youll just die later!"

Then Valey remembered.

"gasp....CALY!!!!" Valey Grabbed the entire gang and drug them outside..

"Malty remeber when me took a kid in who was trying to find...little R.??"
"Yeah ....wh-./.....NO WAY!!!!! CLAY!!! Look at you!!!"
Clay was already hugging MAlty and Valey. Regina....slightly confused.

"How do you guys know each other."

Valey spoke first..." A few years ago..we found him walking around...trying to find a girl named liitle R.....You were Talking Regina!!!! God!! Anyways, We took him to the Inn....He was the first to be taken into our Inn....well you were the first to stay past a week Regina."

Regina, rolled her eyes but kept smiling....she was curious.

"Well we took him in and he tolf us about a 7 year old girl...short and cute....and a fox."
Clay blushed a little..."Oh Clay...dont be imbarassed. He left 4 days later beacse he called the misses....she came by and pick him up....and OH MY GOD!!!!" Valey then looked at Malty...who instantly remembered. He made a small toy appear and he brought it to Regina....she looked at it....She then had tears in her eyes. The toy was Regina's. She had always kept it. It was a small ragdoll in which she played with every was the last thing she left for Clay to remeber her by. She then looked at Clay.....He stood and he smiled back....She cried and ran to him and hugged him...She was even more happy....she did not want to let go...she never wanted the moment to end.

"Wow R. You have grown."
"Same at you little bro."

No more words were said....till Malty said something.


The group looked at Malty....he knows something.

"Clay.....what did you do?"
Clay let go and stood back.....He exposed a tattoo.....the same tattoo the street punks had when Alana was found.

The group looked at him....they were astounded....Malty kept his cool and his stare.."Were you there..."
Clay said nothing...
"No.....I was not.....It is because of you Rolego my group is in jail."
Rolego....his eyes were wide and full of mass confusion..."Clay....what happened,,,,you were such good kid....what happened?" Regina said this while standing behind Valey.

"Heh....when you left...i was alone...but some group of kids took me in. We were friends the whole time I Was in the did not visit. So, we began to get into trouble with the law. I did not get caught...but I was later found by some cops who were walking by....we then started to grow in numbers in jail....we had to do what we had to do to survive."

" did not..."
"WE DID WHAT WE HAD TO DO!!!! I was not ready to die in the hell whole." Clay's eyes changed....his sight seemed to penatrate their thoughts and souls. He had a very evil look for such a young kid.

Regina then stood and walked toward him and smacked him across the face."Who are you!? YOU ARE NOT THE CLAY I CARED FOR IN THE ORPHANGE!!!!! YOU WERE THE ONLY THING I HAD CLOSE TO FAMILY BESIDES THEM!!!! WH-"

Clay kick her in the gut sending her flying into Alana. Malty was baring fangs...he was furious....his as hell...began to pour out of his skin...he was about to loose whatever since he had left.

"Oh were always the easiest one to get are so weak when it comes to women." Malty's growl began to lower.....Valey....stood and did nothing..she simply looked at Clay in the eyes.

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Re: Magic Inscencse Cafe

Post  Admin on Fri Oct 15, 2010 10:49 pm

Clay looked at Rolego.."What and why are you not saying anything....I heard what you did to my group and what they did to are not unkillable."

Clay then took a weapon out from his belt buckle. It was a small pistol...the ones so small you could put them in you pocket....small but had six rounds.

"Well Rolego what do you think."
"I think you are completly insane. What did you think....why did you hit your sister....and why do you threaten the ones who took care of you...and sent men to take Alana away. What do you do."

"Heh...I sell..."
"Oh so observent.....well I guess since you know to much."
Clay began to move the gun toward the two girls...."I guess noone will miss you to deserters."

He fire.


Valey....moved in front of the bullet. Clay fired 5 more times..........all hit....

Valey fell to a knee...her eyes were glazed and she did not move much...."Heh...."
Clay stood with the gun in his hand....reloaded...."You are so always do so much...but you never ask for nothing in return....why is that...I want to know before you die from bloodloss."

Valey said nothing for a while..

" for.....what you do....I help..........i do you think.......I"

Clay figited....

"" Valey pluged her wonds with her fingers....she was beginning to feel better...but still loosing blood.



Clay stared in complete amazement and confusion.

"What do you mean......?"

Valey began to stand.....but was very wobbily she was breathing heavily she did not have much time.

"I......mean......that.....i.....i........" She agian went back down but she supported herself with her right arm.
".......hush baby..............true love........dont cry....."
"What are you singing......" Clay then remembered......Valey was the first form Clay had seen when he was taken to the inn.

Alana and Regina looked trembling...Malty noticed but was ready to rev Rolego when needed.

"Shut Up!!!!!" Clay looked at Valey with eyes wide and the cornea and color small....
" you.......dreammmmmmmmmmm

Valey is now lying on the ground...slowly beathing....

Alana and Regina were yelling at her......telling her to make sure she was alive.....Then Valey stood...she walked towards Clay...Malty place a barrier around himself and the girls.....

"Stop...what are you doing!?" Clay began to fire agian....and agian.....and agian...some nicked Valey...but most missed.

She then reached him.....she fell on him.....hugging him..." bro." Clay stood motion less for a few moments but dropped the gun,....and fell to his knees....He was holding Valey.....he was crying like a newborn baby.....Her blood on him......and she was pain....and feeling sleepy......but she stayed awake to have Clay close.

"Your so stupid.......your so stupid...." Aorund the same time...the guard...and medical mages...were there.....

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Re: Magic Inscencse Cafe

Post  Admin on Fri Oct 15, 2010 11:28 pm

Valey....then fell from him......she lost to much blood...she past out.....but everyone else.....though otherwise.

Clay....still on his knees.....looked in the sky....he was crying.....a river of tears. Valey...then woke up after 2 minutes....she was already healed.....Hellfire took care of her.....


Clay looked at her and grabbed her agian....She opened her eyes...and smliled...." are still.....the guy I know." Clay smiled and gave her a hug to remember......

She was later reliquished of Clay.....she was taken on a strecher..and placed in the cart....she blew a kiss that Clay caught...and placed on his cheek......Then the doors closed.......Alana,Regina,and Malty...all sat in the cart.....Valey made no movements....her breathing was also slowing down....the raise of her chest was slowing and slowing......she did not have the blood.....she was now on some packs of blood....she was beginning to feel less light headed....

She then slowly looked to her left.....then opened her eyes......and gave a small smile.

The girls and Malty......all choked and their tears seam to drizzle the floor....but they were smiling...but......then...

"Your so stupid........" It was Regina....she was mad.
"You said you would never go through this agian......You said you would not get hurt like lied to me." Regina looked up with a face that was covered with tears....and gave a look that made Valey feel unsafe....But then Valey slowly and painfully....suppirted her body on her arm and tried to stay up.

" are......right...." Regina gave a look of suprise......her eyes did widen and her hand was over her mouth a little.

"" Valey, was drained......
" are" Valey then bowed her head and closed her eyes......with a straight....face.

Regina....stood up." Why.......why......why are you like this?" They arrived at the orphanage. It was the only place close enough that had a bed open at any time. The Misses let them in and Valey was set on a bed.....children were still awake and were playing....they stopped and looked at Valey and the group....

Valey was asleep. As well as Malty who slep on the strecher. They both were laid on the bed a short ways away from the kids...

Regina and Alana both were awake and they both were sitting on the foot of the bed.

"Why does Rolego do what he does..He agian almost died. I hate it when he does this." She had big drops of tears from her face....they were heard through the entire room. The children looked at her..

Then a girl...came up and stood in front of her. "Mam......Why are you crying?" The girl had a smile that cement would fall to her.

Regina looked up and looked at the girl," She almost died trying to save me." The girl looked at Valey...she saw the blood cloth.

"What happened?"
"She......was shot..."
The entire group of kids then ran to Valey...all of them looking at her except for the girl who moved back in front of Regina and Alana.

" least you are not dead......what do you mean by she tried.....I see you and her still here and alive?"

Regina looked at the girl with eyes full of shock..."Yes......but she promised not to do this agian...."
"She did.....but....what if she kept it..."
Regina had a intervention." I would not be hear......."
"yeah....see.....evenn though a promise is not cool to is sometimes needed." The girl leaned forward and closed her right eye.....waving her index finer.

"See......she loves you alot....she would not stand by and watch her family die. You would do the same would you?"

Regina looked at the girl and the Alana, Malty, and the girl agian.....she was smiling.

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Re: Magic Inscencse Cafe

Post  Admin on Sat Oct 16, 2010 12:11 am

"I bet you have also kept promises to eh?"

Regina gave a nod," Yeah.....I promised that I would never leave.....we both did." She looked at Alana when she said this. Alana gave a teary nod.

"She said that she would go through any trouble and carry any burden to bring us back home. She loves us to the point of her doing this." Regina turned and looked at Valey.

The girl then said somehthing,

"Well my mom before she past told me to do one thing, love the world and the world will love you back. Despite the way the people on it treats you. We all live and breath the same air. So why not love the people that hate you and bring pain as well?"

Regina's back then straightened and she then grabbed the girl. "Thank you.....I needed that."

"Its okay....I dont like people being sad....." Regina hugged her tighter.

.......just like rolego...........I could not ask for a more perfect friend...

Then a few moments later.....Valey woke up with the children looking at her.


"HI!" they all said with great optimism.

Then Alana and Malty both ran to her side.
Valey was also smiling....and crying a little..""
Alana then got on her knees and held her face close to hers.
"No......Thank You for saving us......and for saving Clay....He has been found because of you." Valey then saw Malty....He was sniffing loudly....Valey grabbed him and hugged was a big one.

Malty then was put in the same position as before....her forehead...on his.
He had his quiver....but it then dissapered...he was feeling better.

Then Regina stood and wipped her tears away.....Valey then moved to the leadge of the bed and sat down....with her head bowed and eyes closed.

Regina walked up and gave her kiss on the cheek and a hug. "I...I....I am so sorry.....Thank you for keeping me here with you.......and for saving my friend." Valey wrapped her arms around her Regina then cried.....She squeezed harder...She was crying like a child.

"Valey.....the song?"
"Hmmmmmm yes.....I heard the song myself from my mother......I also sing it to Regina when she first well as Clay."


"Yes.....but you are so good at singing....I am jelous." Valey and Alana gave a smile to each other.

Alana then walked up and hugged Valey from behind also hugging Regina.....Malty later laid his head on...Valeys lap....Valey pulled him up and placed him between them....

Nothing will ever keep us apart...

They sat like that for a while then let Valey down to rest.....the children then agian....looked at her.....Valey...feeling alot up and made a ball appear....she gave a ball to every child. "Thanks for keeping me company." She then smiled and tilted her head to the side. The girls gave their thanks as the boys blushed and did the same.

Then they went off playing with thier new toy. Valey felt very happy and gave a sigh...but then turned to see the others looking at her....smiling the same way.

"Why did you do that Valey.?" Regina said with a light heart.
Valey smiled and looked at her. " I dont know.....I guess I like making people happy....I hate it when I see people that are upset....or bored." Valey gave a chuckle as did every one else.

Then a boy came over to Valey and sat next to her....he looked upset.

"Whats wrong.."
"I dont have anybody to play with..."
Valey then got the rest of the group. They all next to him.

"We will....What do you want to play first." The boy looked at the roof."I dont kow any....I just got here a day ago."

"So whats your name?"
"Well Dillan, I am Valey or Rolego...This is Alana, Malty, and Regina...she was from here as well."
The boy looked at them and then hid behind Valey. "It is ok....we wont dont bite...well not all the time."
The boy laughed a little.
"Ah..there is a smile."
"Place himm on my back....I guess we can let him ride me."
Valey gave a nod, and place the boy on his back.

"hold on ok? Alana and Regina....I need rest....Yaawwnnnn....could one or both of you go with him?"

Alana was the first to jump on it.
"I will can are alone with her now. We will be fine."

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Re: Magic Inscencse Cafe

Post  Admin on Sat Oct 16, 2010 12:49 am

Regina laid next to Valey.

"I want to thank you......For the sake of my friend...But why did you not hurt him...he hurt me?"

Valey gave a sigh.
"I knew that he...Clay...the Real Clay would never bring harm to you. He simply forgot what and who he was. He was very broken when you left."
Regina then rolled over to look at Valey.
"But you did not hurt him...I am put me and him first....didn't you?"
Valey smiled."yes...he was there...he just hid it under a thick shell...he has a soft and free spirit. But I also knew that I or you would need to get to him....seeing you getting kicked....I almost did let myself go."
Regina looked at Valey with a new demeanor.
"But is the pain you recive...that shows how much you do care."
Valey then looked at Regina and gave her a handful of something...
"H...ho-" It was 6 bullets from the first 6 shots.
"I never did forget your promise." Regina gripped the blood covered bullets and gave a glassy eyed smiled.
"Here..." It was the toy she had....the same Clay ment for her long ago.
Regina placed her fingures over Valey's mouth.
"No...please..take it. I want you to give you a reward from my heart to yours."
Valey looked down at the toy....and took it.
"Thank you. I will never forget it."
Right then Malty ran in with Alana and the kid.
They were laughing and playing....the kid had Malty by the ears......
Valey then got up and moved to Malty and the kid.
"It seems you have made a group of good friends."
Dillan smiled and gave a small laugh." I wish you guys could stay.....After you leave I will be alone agian."
Valey let her ears down but kept her smile. "No one deserves to be alone."
She grabbed his hand.
"Comeon. Lets find you some friends. Okay?" The boy gave a nod..but he was still sad.
Valey placed her hand on his cheek. "Dont worry....we will visit." That brightened the boys eyes and gave a hard nod.

Valey then held his hand and brought him to the play room. The kids then looked at him and Valey...
"Hey I was wondering...does anyone know that little guy?"
No one said anything.
"His name is Dillan. He had just arrived today. He needs some friends. Will there be anyone willing to look after my little brother." The boy looked at Valey...he then smiled behind his tears of joy.

Then the same girl from the room with Alana and Regina moved forward. "I WILL!!!" She ran up to Dillan he ran behind Valey. "Ohhhh....Comeon get out here."
Dillan way shaking a little.
"Dillan It is ok. I am here and so is she."
Dillan moved out from behind Valey and saw the girl face to face. "Hello Dillan my name is Nallid." Dillan looked up and noticed somthing about her name.
"You name is my name backwards."
"And MINE name is yours backwards."

The two had a connection all of a sudden. Dillan and Nallid both were talking about each other and themselves.

"Wanna play ball" Nallid said with a ball presented in her hands. The boy smiled and so did Valey.

The 2 played together at first. Then more and more began to play with them. And when Dillan sat alone Nallid was next to him tallking.


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Re: Magic Inscencse Cafe

Post  Admin on Sat Oct 16, 2010 1:09 am

Valey left the room and saw Alana, Regina, and Malty sitting there smilng. "Wow...Valey."
Valey smiled. But then she heard foot steps behind her.

"Hey!!" It was Dillan. He stood smiling.

Valey sat on her shins and opened her arms. Dilland ran and gave her the biggest hug he could give. She did the same. She kissed his Forehead and he did the same to her. They hugged so close their cheeks were touching. Nallid then came in looking very happy.

"Dillan comeon!! We are playing wall ball!!" She then ran back inside.

Dillan gave every person in the room another hug. Then went back to Valey.
"Thany you so much!! I have friends and brothers and sisters becuase of you guys!!!!! Thank you!!"
"It is not a problem."
"You will come back will you?"
"Of couse!! We wont leave our little bro here alone huh?"
He looked around and gave every person a smile.
Valey was wipingaway his tears with her thumbs.
"Yes Valey?"
"You must promise me something."
"Ok. Whenever you see someone upset or alone or if Nallid is sad. You must make them your friend and make them happy. Ok?"
"I promise."
Valey gave him one final hug."Thank you, now get in there and have fun ok?"
Dillan gave a nod and ran off to the play room in which he was it the second he entred the door.
Valey stayed on her shins for a few more moments and sighed.
Malty walked next to her."You were thinkng about it huh?"
"yeah...but i see him doing great things here. He will be fine." Valey then gave a very motherly look to them all.

Regina and the others helped Valey to the bed. Valey almost went to sleep the second she laid in it. The others gathered the other beds and moved them to be next to Valey. They all slept together.


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Re: Magic Inscencse Cafe

Post  Admin on Sat Oct 16, 2010 1:41 am

The next day...Valey woke up first....Alana and Malty were snuggled up with each other. Regina wrapped her arms around Valey and she slept with her head on Valeys back.

Valey looked down to see Dillan. He laid with his head on her chest. Valey was suprised by how Dillan got to her without waking anyone. It was still about 4:00 in the mourning. So Valey was about to head back to sleep.

"...mommy..." Valey looked down to see Dillan crying....dreaming about his mother.
"....mommy...." Valey wrapped this child in her arms and she began to cry a little. But she held him close. She then got up. She moved silently But cradeled the boy in her arms. She then tried to comfort Dillan. She held him close and began to rock him back and forth.
"It will be ok Dillan. You have someone to look after you. You hav me, Alana, Regina, Malty, Nallid, and the Misses."

"I love you mommy...."
Valey almost collasped at the sound of that.
"Love you to little bro..." She then sat at the foot of the bed. Waking Regina.
"Oh sorry....."
Regina moved to see Dillan in Valey arms.
"How did-"
"He krept between my arms while we were resting. He right now is dreaming of his late mother."
Regina gasped,"Oh no......poor kid..."
"He is fine now."
Regina looked at Valey...she then smiled.
"I miss that."
"Remember the thunderstorm? and you wrapped your tail around me and you rocked me back and forth...the whole night and into the moring."
Regina....let a little blush slip out..she was very young when Rolego did that for her.
"Yeah...I guess I will have to that for you agian very soon."
Regina looked at Valey. Regina let a samll giggle leave her.
"Wow....Dillan is as cute as a button is he?"
"Yeah he is....but"
"Yeah he is not a full blood Dromic...but he will still have a long and happy life."

The two of them did that the entire night talking and listening to the child. The morning came.

The boy woke up in the arms of Valey and Regina. He sat between them and they both woke up aorund 30 seconds later.

"well hello Dillan." Valey said with a sleepy tone.
"Yawn......hi mom. Hi sister."
"Hey little brother."

The other two woke up and they sat with Dillan they talked and played and then Nallid came down the stairs and grabbed Dillan.

"Where did had me worried."
"Oh....I am sorry" Dillan was about to retreat back to his shell.
"Oh it is okay. I just dont like you being alone." They both hugged each other and they both went up the stairs. Then Dillan stood at the stair case and waved goodbye.
"Dont forget to come back!!! By bros and sises."
The group waved back while saying that they will. He then ran up stairs and the group left for home.


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Re: Magic Inscencse Cafe

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